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City of Light event programme 2018

City of Light event – lighting experiences for everyone

Church Park

Guardian angels
An artist couple from Paris, Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis, brings colored watering cans to Church park. The watering cans are the guardians of the flowers and trees, hovering over the grass and represent the three natural elements necessary for the growth of flowers and trees: light, water and nutrition.

Flower Power #2
Another piece from Maro and Dimitri helps to create a secret garden when these flowerpots come to life at night. The discs inside the flowerpots with images of flowers printed on them create a hypnotic pulsation. The combination of light and photography transforms an industrial object into a poetic work: A light garden. The bright and colourful imagery, a reference to the seventies, emphasizes the amazing power of flowers.

Lumi Seeds
Austrian Leonardo Bettinelli and Circus Lumineszenz collective hangs Lumi Seeds on the trees of Church Park. The light cods hanging from the trees light up the branches with dynamic colors and tell the story of nature through light. This production is supported by the Austrian embassy.

Kakkarat (Daisies)
These five-meter tall illuminated and colorful flowers 'Daisies' are sure to bring summer into the dark fall nights! Designed by Elisa Hillgen and produced by Tehomet Oy.

Lux Creatura
Flowers of Life collective creates a magical UV-world into Church Park with their glowing butterflies. These multidimensional pieces glow brightly under the UV light. The geometric pieces combine natural elements such as fire, water and plants.

”Kestämätön kehitys” (Unsustainable development)
Artisan Marika Helminen and artist Riikka Helminen’s dragon sculpture, made out of recycled materials, tackles the issue of the increasing amount of trash produced and the increasing amount of animals disappearing from the Earth.

Puutarhakutsut (Garden party)
Local sculptor Samuli Alonen invites everyone to a Garden party at Church Park. Come and see who has flown in and brought the light with them!

What does hunger look like? – Photography exhibition
THU-SAT 27.-29.9. 17.00-22.00
Young photographers touch on the subject of hunger from multiple viewpoints – every picture with its own story. Some of the pieces portray hunger in Finland, some in other countries. Location: The city church, Kirkkopuisto.

Tasataan valoa!
To 27.9. 19.00, 20.00 and 21.00
FELM sings together! Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission offers community singing at the City Church with the performing duo Ossi Mäki-Reini & Aarni Seppälä. Voluntary collection for the Mieli hyvin –fundraising. A night mass at the end of the night starting at 21.30.

A night with Laura – talk show”Kosketus” (touch)
FRI 28.9. Starting at 21.00. The city church. Free entry. The talk show is in Finnish.
A night with Laura talk show is on its 10th year anniversary celebratory tour. The night is all about the interaction of people and the nature. How does the environment and nature affect people and vice versa? What are the challenges in the future? Is there anything we can do? The night’s guest is eco theologist Panu Pihkala and a non-fiction writer Rinna Saramäki. Music provided by Antti Kleemola. The show offers an entertaining and a deep experience at the same time. More info on the event:

Cooperative and creative workshop: Warka – Moninaisuuden torni (the Tower of Diversity)
SAT 29.9., 18.00–24.00
Cooperative workshop gives everyone the opportunity to build a Warka tower at the Church Park, Parade Square. After the structure is finished, it will be illuminated and play music throughout the evening. In addition to the workshop, there is a chance to learn about the illusions created by colors and light and more about the STEAM learning activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). The workshop is suitable for all ages. The workshop is part of the Jyvälä Setlementti ry Sillat project.

Kirkko soi valoa (Church ’rings’ light)
SAT 29.9. 18.00 – 22.15.

The city church ’rings light’ the whole night. Diverse music every half hour from Gospel choir Ihanaiset with the leader Maria Salmela, organist Risto Valtasaari and the church’s houseband; Piia Laasonen (vocals), Markus Lajunen (wind instrument), Esko Turpeinen (guitar) and Ilona Rimpilä (bass). A night mass at the end of the night starting at 22.15.

The Street of Light/Centre

Valokatu – the Street of Light
THU 27.- SAT 29.9. 16.00 – 24.00
Kauppakatu in the centre of Jyväskylä transforms into a Street of Light for the weekend. The street offers food and shopping opportunities and a temporary themed lighting during the event. Kauppakatu also has a City of Light info located at Kauppakatu 20, with information on the event and a chance to buy light up toys. Location: Kauppakatu.

THU 27.9. - SAT 29.9 20.00 – 24.00
Dutch light artist Jonas Vorwerk brings his Pixels piece to Are Square. The piece consists of about 50 cubes equipped with LED lights that change color and intensity with each rotation and movement. Pixels creates an open environment where everyone can create their own space, color and atmosphere by building shapes and images from the cubes. The piece allows for the creation of a dynamic environment controlled by the public rather than the artist. Location: Are Square, Kauppakatu.

Red Elephant
THU 27. - SAT 29.9 20.00 – 24.00

French artist BIBI and Eléphant Rouge arrive at Kompassi! BIBI tackles the issue of excess plastic in the world and our ability to self-destruct and create useless and unlikely rubbish. The piece is composed of 800 recycled water canisters. Its glowing red light lures the viewer to get closer and inspect it further. Come and take the weirdest selfie of the event!

Lit up – second hand Pop-up at Kauppakatu 20
MON-WED 24.-26.9. 14.00 – 18.00
THU 27.28.9 15.00 – 22.00

SAT 29.9 13.00 – 20.00
Sell, buy and marvel at the used light treasures at the second hand Pop-up! Bring us your old lamps, hanging or standing, for other people to buy and to be a part of a temporary light installation. More info HERE

Aurora Florealis – Light exhibition and UV workshop
MON 24. - WED 26.9 14.00 – 18.00
THU 27. – FRI 28.9 15.00 – 22.00
SAT 29.9 13.00 – 20.00
Workshops TUE 25.9 16 – 18.30 and FRI 28.9 16.30 – 18.30
Come and dive into the intergalactic world of color in the middle of Kauppakatu, where Northern lights (Aurora 'Florealis') glow on the wall and take you to other dimensions. Guests get to go on a journey to the far away planets and their gardens. The UV workshops are located in the same space as the exhibition. The artists teach the basics of UV color and painting in the dark. Guests are welcome to come and tune their own textiles or phone cases. Workshop fee is 10e/per person. (Incl. materials for testing and guiding). The workshops are suitable for every age. No previous experience needed and no need to sign up beforehand. Come and experience the Aurora Florealis light phenomenon!

Luovan valokuvauksen keskus Pop-up (the centre for creative photography)
Projection Thu 27.9. - Sat 29.9

Workshop Fri 28.9 18.00-23.00
Luovan valokuvauksen keskus and SNAP (kids and youth photography festival) present workshops in light painting, especially for kids and youth. The night also includes photography projection and a fun atmosphere! Location: Kauppakatu 19.

A journey through dreams and layers of the mind – The art museum of Jyväskylä
THU-SAT 27.-29.9. 11.00 – 22.00. Free entry during the City of Light Event.

Other realities exhibition takes the viewer on a journey to a world that feels familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. The changing reflections create a fascinating and exciting atmosphere with the help of high quality modern art, sounds and lighting in Jari Haanperä’s Projektor B light installation. On Friday, from 17-20, there are also nonstop workshops on augmented reality. Location Kauppakatu 23.

Totally dark in the City of Light
PE 28.9. klo 18.00 – 22.00. Free entry.

Craft Museum of Finland is open late into the night during the event. Experience the Nordic outsider artisanship at the Pehmeetä touhua exhibition. Take part in blind orientation and lantern workshop, and build yourself a lantern for your way home. Lantern workshop fee is 5e. More info HERE

Yöpuu-Pöllöwaari wine yard
FRI 28.9., 18.00-22.00

Come and enjoy the ambient wine yard lighted with candles, lights and lanterns. Say goodbye to summer and give fall a warm welcome. The evening offers warm drinks and good music. The wine bar is also open. More info on the event at ( Location: Yliopistonkatu 23.

Hohtalo – There is no shadow without the Sun
THU 19-22, FRI 19-24, SAT 19-24. Jyväskylän Katulähetys, Gummeruksenkatu 13.

Jyväskylä Katulähetys offers lights, shadows, sounds and experiences. V.I.P. light installation inspired by Alexandra Stratimirovic brings color and shadows to Katulähetys. Come and see what kind of a shadow you leave! The café is also open during the event.

Lovely boutiques – Lovely lights
THU 27.9. – SAT 29.9.
The small boutiques in the centre light up their windows! All in all 18 boutiques are part of the event: Wedding Garage (Kauppakatu 2), Kehystämä Galleria Patina (Kauppakatu 3), Jyväs-Optiikka (Kauppakatu 5), Kalaliike Mäkinen (Kauppakatu 8), Unwritten (Kauppakatu 18), Kukkapalvelu Nooa (Kauppakatu 19), Muotikuu (Kauppakatu 21), Ellin Kirja & Putiikki (Kauppakatu 25),Take T (Kauppakatu 27),Tuore (Kauppakatu 27), Harjn Paperi (Yliopistonkatu 6), KOTO Designmarket (Yliopistonkatu 32), Pienikamari (Kilpisenkatu 9), Villielo (Kilpisenkatu 9), The White Room (Kilpisenkatu 9), Luonnonlumo (Kilpisenkatu 9), Taidetarvike Flyktman (Gummeruksenkatu 9) ja Tikkiverstas (Vapaudenkatu 85).


Thu 27.9. – Sat 29.9 20.00 – 24.00

Welcome into the data waves’ luminous mesh! Come and take a journey to the land of vibrant information sequences. Discover the networks of transmitted and processed relations between artificial environment and rolling digital signs. Relive the state of being connected and get lost at the glossy territory of codes. The piece by a Hungarian art collective light up the walls and the yard of the Ylistö campus’ faculty of Chemistry. The installation is best seen from the Ylistö Bridge.

Concept: Daniel Besnyő, Ákos Tóth
Light design: Attila Németh
Construction design: Akos Tóth, Virág Kiss
Curator: Andrea Kovács
Technical partners: LedBlade, VjCentrum Budapest, Centrum Productions, Omega Sound & Light
Cooperation partner: Let it Be! art agency

Callitriche – Leonardo Bettinelli
Thu 27.9. - Sat 29.9 20.00 – 24.00

Austrian artist Leonardo Bettinelli and Circus Lumieszens collective light up the Korkeakoskenlahti Bay. The 10-meter wide flower piece Callitriche is made of LED –lights that lights up the water at night. The group has gotten support for the project from the Austrian embassy.

Varjot ('Umbrellas')
THU 27.9. - SAT 29.9. 20.00-24.00
Artist Anne Roininen's piece 'Umbrellas' touches on the issue of mass tourism and how it is lacking autehnticity, experiences and selfishness at brink of an 'eco catastrophe'. Joutokumpu project has helped with the piece. Location: Mattilanniemi beach, next to Hotel Alba.

European Researchers’ Night
FRI 28.9 9.00 – 24.00

During the European Researchers’ Night, the University of Jyväskylä is the hub for all things science and research. On Friday the 28th visitors of all ages get the opportunity to find out more about the newest achievements in science and the work researchers are doing. More info HERE

The City of Light pop-up sauna event at Mattilanniemi
Thu 27.9 19-24 and Fri-Sat 28. – 29.9 16.00 – 24.00
Come and join us for the Pop-up Sauna village in Mattilanniemi. Hotel Alba turns into a sauna lounge where guests can enjoy drinks and snacks, and the Sauna shop offers Finnish sauna related products, such as cosmetics and textiles. The lobby of the hotel also has a photography exhibition by Emmi Minkkinen called the Saunakansa (‘Sauna people’).

The saunas are open until 20.30 on Thursday and 22.30 on Friday and Saturday. Timeslots are for one and a half hours. On Saturday, the doors open at 13, and from 13 to 17 kids are welcome to the saunas and tubs, tickets 10€. Otherwise the tickets are 20€, and include entrance to the pop-up area, the use of the dressing rooms, showers and saunas, and a goodie bag with a towel, seat cover, water bottle and product samples from the World Sauna Forum partners. Take your swim trunks and swimsuit with you and come enjoy the heat!

In cooperation with Sauna from Finland are the City of Light and Hotel Alba. Partners include Boatsauna, Dermosil, The Mansion of Experience and Friendship, Huliswood, Kuumalähde, Ledify, Narvi, TylöHelo, Varjolan Tila and Villa Feeling. More info on the event from Hotel Alba.

Tourujoki area and Kangas

’Light floats’ event at Tourujoki River
FRI 28.9 from 20

Traditional family event at Kinakuja and Nahkuri Bridges, at the Tourujoki Park offers an amazing experience when hundreds of light pieces float through the river all the way to Lake Jyväsjärvi. The night is full of light installations, sounds and dance. The organizers are Taito Keski-Suomi ry, Taitokeskus Jyväskylä and KSL-opintokeskus students, Jyväskylän käsityö ja muotoilukoulu students, Jyväskylä Dance Institute, artists from different fields and dancer Helena Ratinen.

The shadows of the light -environmental pieces at Tourujoki Valley and Tourujoki Park
THU 27.9.-SUN 30.9.

Environmental art located in between the Kinakuja and Nahkuri Bridges and Tourujoki Park. the different elements of the pieces combining with nature create unbelievable environmental art. The area is also a home to animals living in the shadows such as flying squirrels, birds and other animals. Organizers are Taito Keski-Suomi ry, Taitokeskus Jyväskylä and KSL -opintokeskus students, Jyväskylä käistyö ja muotoilukoulu students and artists from different fields.

Dark night at the Creative campus!
FRI 28.9. 18.00 – 23.00
Creative campus at Kangas opens their door on Friday! Come and experience the exciting atmosphere, and see the light installations and other art pieces. The night includes light installations, dance, workshops, food and overall a fun and dark night. Location: Gradia, Kympinkatu 3B.

SAT 29.9, 18.00-21.00 (weather permitting)
Unsolve the mystery of the Tourujoki River and peek inside the world of bats and owls. The route is about 2 km long and takes about 20 minutes. Sturdy canoes are in use, no previous experience needed. Participation fee 5 euros per person. Starting and ending location near Kinakuja Bridge.

Kartastoja (Atlases)
Thu 27.9. – Sat 29.9 18.00 – 24.00

Jaakko Niemelä and Helena Hietanen create a seven-story piece to the side of a parking garage at Kangas. This 2000 m2 piece Kartastoja transforms the appearance of the building with lights, covering two of the garage walls. This creates one of the most visible landmarks at Kangas. Location: Paperitehtaankatu 3.

The Lights of Paperitehtaankatu
Thu 27.9. – Sat 29.9 20.00 – 24.00
Light artist Anne Roininen brings light into the residential area of Kangas. Roinine’s light installations themed around homes and vehicles light up the area together with the illuminated windows of the Kangas’ residents. Kankaan Taika mobile game awaits for its finder!

Light themed crafts at Piippurannan Klubi
FRI 28.9., 18.00-21.00

Piippurannan Klubi is open on Friday night. Come take part in light themed crafts and see the new spaces for the seniors! Må Pyton vocal group performs at 20.30.

The reveal of Villu Jaanisoon artwork
Fri 28.9 21.15

An Estonian artist Villu Jaanisoo will reveal his new sculpture made out of recycled tires called the Norsu (elephant). The sculpture will be located at the crossing of the new bike path and Rusokinkatu. The savanna resident welcomes everyone to Kangas!

Pimeä luonto walk at Tourujoki River
Sat 29.9 20.00 – 21.30
What does nature look, sound and smell like in the dark? Come and join the adventure along the Tourujoki River. If we luck out, we might see some bats! Starting times 20, 20.30. 21 and 21.30 at Lasten Ryytimaa, next to Tourutorni. Take your own flashlight with you! Organizer JAPA ry.

Programme in various locations

The City of Light seminar
Thu 27.9 at 11 – Fri 28.9 at 13.00

The City of Light seminar 2018, organized at Hotel Alba. Discussion about lighting, light art, smart choices for the city and much more! Professionals in the lighting industry such as designers, architects, and other working with city lighting are welcome to the seminar. The seminar is free. Location: Hotel Alba, Ahlmaninkatu 4. Schedule and more info on the event HERE

Könkkölä light path
THU 27.9 18.00 – 22.00

The surroundings of Könkkölä are lighted again for one night during the City of Light event. Come and experience the light path lit up with candles and other light objects. We suggest guests dress accordingly to the weather and bring their own light objects, due to the slightly challenging terrain on the path. The path is still suitable for the whole family. Könkkölä has also a café that sells drinks and food items. Cash only. Programme published closer to the event. Due to the construction at Könkkölä, we suggest arriving to Könkkölä by bus. More info on the event on the Könkkölä Facebook page. Location: Könkkölä, Vesangantie 37.

Singing and dancing Kehä Vihreä
THU 27.9. 19.00 – 21.00

Kehä Vihreä offers an ’experience walk’ starting from Moirisalmmen puisto, ending all the way to the newly constructed Mataraisenpuisto along Eeronkatu. During the walk, you get to experience light art, choir music and dance. At the end, there will be a celebration for the opening of the park and a new piece called the “Pallopeli”. Part of the walk are Vaput, Sirkat, Kamarikuoro Sonore, Harjun laulu, Cantinovum and Vox Aurea and Dance theatre Kramppi. More info on the event on Kehä Vihreä Facebook page. Starting point: Moirislammen puisto, Pitkäkatu 18.

Face to Face, dance installation
THU 27.9 20.00

Tanssin Aika Festival presents Face to Face. A piece that combines dance, visual and light art. Music provided by Jyväskylä sinfonia and the light art and projection provided by Tuukka Toijanniemi. The choreographer is Anni Rissanen and performing are Elina Häyrynen, Terhi Kuokkanen, and artist Vappu Rossi. Tickets for the event are 20€/15€ at, however the perforamce is projected on to the windows of the building, so everyone is welcome to join and watch it for free on the outside. Location: Jyväskylän yliopisto main campus.

Laajavuori – Adventure of the light
Experience the magical atmosphere at the Adventure of the Light in Laajavuori. The forest and the adventure park will be permanently lighted during the fall season – the grand reveal of the lights will be during the City of Light event. Dare to go on a 250m long zip line over the ski hill? Jyväskylä Energy Group operates at the adventure park during the City of Light event. More info on the event HERE. Location: Laajavuorentie 15.

Matti Nykänen’s hill
THU-SAT 27.-29.9. 18.30 – 23.00

See and experience the lights of Jyväskylä from high above at the Matti Nykänen ski jump tower. The tower and the café are open from 18.30 to 23. In addition to beautiful lights, the tower is an excellent place for sunsets: (Thu at 19.01, Fri at 18.58 and Sat at 18.55). Entry fee to the tower: adults 3,5e, kids/teenagers (6-16), students and pensioners 2,5e, family ticket 8,5e (two adults + kids). All the proceeds go to the development of the Jyväskylä ski sports. Pay it forward!
Location: Matti Nykäsen mäki, Laajavuori, Hyppyritie 131.

The Cosmis Clowns of Lumona
FRI 28.9 – SAT 29.9 20.00 – 23.00
Lumona brings their whimsical and glowing clowns to Jyväskylä! The performance duo combines dance, improvisation, theater and visual effects. The clowns entertain the guests in different locations during the event.

Ikaros – ‘Into the Sky’ light show
Fri 28.9 20-23 and Sat 29.9 21.30-23.00

Enchanting Belenos Group of Arts arrives at the City of Light event, bringing moving light art literally into the audience. Ikaros charms viewers of all ages. The group performs around the city in different spots during the event at Tourujoki, Mattilanniemi and Kirkkopuisto Park.

Saga Elglan Company: Shining duet
FRI 28.9. and SAT 29.9., 20.30-23.00
Dance artist Saga Elgland and acrobat Visa Niemelä duet combine modern ballet and acrobatics into a flowing ensemble. The duo will perform in different locations around the city.

Glow disco
SAT 29.9 12.00 – 15.00

Lasten Lysti celebrates their 10th birthday! In honor of that, it is time to celebrate with a glow disco. Flower of Life collective with their glowing art, known around the world, will help turn Paviljonki A-hall into a magnificent glowing space. Flower of Life is also part of the City of Light event in Kirkkopuisto with their Lux Creatura piece. The disco offers all the kids’ favorite hits, competitions, café and light up toys. Guests can also take part in the UV workshops. Tune your clothes with glowing UV paints! We ask to bring your own clothes to tune; the workshop only offers the paints. In collaboration with the disco are the City of Light event, Jyväskylä Fair Ltd. and the City of Jyväskylä’s Cultural Services. Tickets 11,50e/ Family ticket 40e (4 persons) at or from the door 12-14 if presale tickets do not sell out. Family ticket available only via presale until SAT 29.9, 11.00. Location: Paviljonki, A-hall.

Belenos Fire show Noaidi – magical mystique
Sat 29.9 at 20.00 and 20.45

When day turns into night and dark into darkness it is time to light up the fire and start dancing. Belenos Group of Arts, fire artists of their own kind, bring light and warmth to the audience. The magical Noaidi show is a combination of sensual dignity and mystique. Handmade costumes shimmering with gold details, along with fire and music, create an unforgettable ensemble! Location: Tourujoki Park, amphitheater.

Tourujoki night 2018

Tourujoki night, organized for the seventh time now, brings a unique festival that offers things to do, see and experience! As the night gets darker, everyone can enjoy dancing, music, art, workshops and exhibitions. In the Bazar area, everyone can taste delicious street food, find good deals and get to know the local operators better. The event organizer is the Civic Activity Center Matara, administered by KYT ry (Central Finland Community Support Association).


17 

17–17.30 The opening of the event and magician Hölynpöly, downstairs lobby
Starting at 17 alcohol free drink bar, EHYT ry, downstairs lobby
17-18.15 KeHO – wellness from Central Finland (relaxing with the nature and wellness deeds) Tourujoki hall
17.39-18 Retroruusut, singing performance, Matara hall

18 

18-18.30 Elvido, hiphop, downstairs lobby
18.30-19 Jyväskylän voimistelijat, rhytmic gymnastics, Matara hall
18.45-19.15 Cosmic flow, relaxation/improvisation, Tourujoki hall

19 

19-19.30 singing group Jännät, downstairs lobby
From 19 Katso Silmiin Take Away –piste, Jyväskylä University Student Theatre, downstairs lobby
19.30-20 Boss Theatre, mask theatre, Matara hall
19.30-20 Melymbrosia, dup pop/folk, Tourujoki hall

20 

20-20.40 Päiviö and Pyhä Männynoksa, duo pop, downstairs lobby
20.15-20.45 Varjorepertuaari, a capella choir, Tourujoki hall
20.30-21.15 Seos, pop, Matara hall

21 

21-21.40 To be determined later, Tourujoki hall
21.15-21.55 Dinosaurusten Pelastajat, duo folk/pop, downstairs lobby
22 Closing of the event, downstairs lobby

During the event 17-22

17-21 Workshops and raffle, Välitin-hanke, “Luontotila” meeting room next to Pyörre
17-22 Jokikievari open
Movie Café, Kynnyskino, meeting room Pyörre
17-22 Pimé Cafe (Dark café), Keski-Suomen Näkövammaiset ry, Hilla meeting room
17-22 ”Polaaripyörteitä ja lummelampia” –exhibition, Henna Takala, KäytäväGalleria
17-22 International encounters and Kummikahvila Josef, Monikulttuurikeskus Gloria
klo 17–22 Kansainvälisiä kohtaamisia ja klo 17–20 Kummikahvila (cafe) Josef, Multi cultural Center Gloria


17–22 Bazar area open with themes around food and wellness. The bazar area offers great finds from local operators such as different products and sweet and savory dishes. The Bazars also have a Jakke the Polar bear and performances from Capoeira Forca Natural and Jyväskylä ITF Taekwon-Do.

17-22 Betonista tunnelmaa – ’concrete lanterns’, Ari Pentti Järvinen

17-22 Suomen Jouluvalo Inc. light installation

17-22 Circus school Jyväskylä and Parkour akatemia testing area, sandlot

20-22 Come and test out Laser tag!

20.15 Laser tag show

20, 20.30, 21 and 21.30 Dark Nature walk at Tourujoki River, starting at Lasten Ryytimaa, JAPA ry.

* Changes to the programme possible.


Valon kaupunki

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