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City of Light event 28.-30.9.2017

Path of Light at Könkkölä

Thurs. 28.9. | at 18 - 21

The surroundings of Könkkölä transforms into a Path of Light for one evening. The environment lit with candles and glowing elements offers an experience around nature for the whole family. Könkkölä is also celebrating its 70th anniversary. Open café at the site, payment with cash only. Quests are recommended to bring their own sources of light along. Location: Könkkölä, Vesangantie 37.

Girandole light installation

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 ¬¬- 24

Light installation from artist Timo Kokko is placed at the center of the new Tourujoki Park. The piece is compiled from various organic shaped glass crowns hanging from plastic tubes on trees. Fluorescent liquid and UV lights are used to enhance the installation. Come enjoy the new park in a magical atmosphere.

Valoaalto (Lightwave) installation

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

Artist Kari Kola’s piece Valoaalto is taking over AaltoAlvar. An atmospheric space is created when water, light and composed soundscape are combined into a light installation that you can swim in. The installation includes all indoor pool areas and can be seen from the café and grandstand. The prices and tickets are normal during the event. Access to café and the grandstand is free of charge. Location: Pitkäkatu 2

Loistava Yliopisto (Glowing University) light installation

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

The outside of University of Jyväskylä’s Ylistönrinne campus comes to life when light installation from Kari Kola illuminates 150 meters of the area. The dynamic piece expresses the colors and spirit of the university and transforms all light surfaces and glass stairways into something new. With Jyväsjärvi lake right next to it, the installation gains a whole new dimension. Location: Ylistönrinne campus, front of Ylistönsilta bridge.

Valoon (Towards the Light) light installation

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

Swan, the national bird of Finland soars with wings of steel near Ylistönsilta bridge. Design by artisan Riikka Helminen, execution by Helminen and Sari Linna. #kipinätaide.

Valon hehkua (Glowing of Light) light installations

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

New light sculptures from a local sculptor Kari Alonen illuminate the Church Park. The installations will take over the corner of Gummeruksenkatu and Kauppakatu. In addition, Valonverkosto by Kari Alonen will glow under the bridge of Tourula.

Light dinner at Alba & servings of themed terrace

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 18

Light dinner buffet or a la carte menu with pre-booking at view restaurant Alba, located besides Ylistönsilta bridge. Menus at Booking: tel. 014636311 or e-mail at Alba’s theme lit terrace is open the whole event weekend, serving hot and cold drinks, street food and Pappagallo-ice-cream. Welcome!

Breathing light

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

Peacefully breathing color hues at the front entrance of Hotel Alba bring ambience and calming light into the darkening autumn hours. Light installation designed by experts of smart outdoor lighting at C2 SmartLight Oy. #c2smartlight #hengittävävalo. Location: Hotel Alba, Ahlmaninkatu 4.

Betonista tunnelmaa (Concrete atmosphere) artwork

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

Concrete artist AP Järvinen from Laukaa is celebrating the 100-year-old Finland by bringing a massive elk made of concrete to Paraatiaukio square at Church Park. The elk with 27 peaks on its antlers shows respect to the unique Finnish nature.

A Window to Jyväskylä in the Past projection show

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

Since autumn of 2014, photos from Jyväskylä have been saved into a public archive called Albumit auki. The best photos from the City of Lights’ lifetime are projected on Sokos Jyväskylä building. The show is made together with the cultural services of Jyväskylä, City of Light and Sokos Jyväskylä. Albumit auki-archive is free to browse at Location: Sokos Jyväskylä front, Asemakatu.

Paris – North Cape Photo Adventure exhibition

Thurs. 28.9. - Fri. 29.9. at 9 - 20 and Sat. 30.9. at 9 - 16

Photographs from Jyväskylä and Central Finland during the Paris – North Cape Photo Adventure-photographing tour are on display at Jyväskylä City Library. Made together with the city of Jyväskylä, Central Finland Stopover-project, Virtaa vientiin ja verkostoihin-project and the City of Light event. Location: Stairway at Jyväskylä City Library, Vapaudenkatu 39-41.

Valoa pöytään (Light on the Table) lamp exhibition

Thurs. 28.9. - Fri. 29.9. at 9 - 20 and Sat. 30.9. at 9 - 16

Lamp is a necessary utility for windowless spaces and the dark winters of Finland, but it can also be an eye pleasing piece. Juha Kajaniemi has brought over 20 different table lamps for an exhibition at Jyväskylä City Library. The lamps are made of various types of glass, wood, metal and stone. Some of the pieces are from recycled materials. Location: Lobby gallery at Jyväskylä City Library, Vapaudenkatu 39-41.

Game of light and shadow

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 11 - 22

Through a curtain of clouds, a massive moon illuminates the water. It’s night, yet there’s a burning fire behind a window of a cabin. In addition to the dramatic painting Kuutamomaisema (1878) by Fanny Churberg, the theme of light and shadow is discussed at Sata vuotta tuhat tulkintaa-exhibition, where the landmarks of Finnish art history from late 19th century to this decade is on display. On Friday 29.9. science meets art with the use of UV-light. Non-stop workshops at 16-21 and a presentation by Tiina Kouvulahti and Juhani Huuskonen about Recenart art research center at 16.30-17.30. Flash of Light’n’inspiration-programme is part of the European Researchers' Night. Free entry to Jyväskylä Art Museum during the City of Light-event. Location: Jyväskylä Art Museum, Kauppakatu 23.

Palapeli (Puzzle) new media art for children

Thurs. 28.9. - Fri. 29.9. at 10 - 20 and Sat. 30.9. at 11 - 16

What is life like in the city of hair rollers? And what does the blue heart fall in love with? A 20-minute non-stop rotating video collage examines people, animals, and objects in relation to their surroundings through play and joy. The works by Risto-Pekka Blom, Petteri Cederberg, Maria Duncker, Hanne Ivars, Outi Laine, Marko Lampisuo, Sari Palosaari, Timo Vaittinen and Jukka Silokunnas, are for the whole family, but adults are recommended to be with someone under school age. The puzzle was made by the City of Light-event, the Jyväskylä Art Museum and AV-arkki. Free entry. Location: Jyväskylä City Library, Vapaudenkatu 39-41.

Kosminen Kosketus (Cosmic Touch) exhibition and UV-painting workshop

Thurs. 28.9. - Fri. 29.9. at 13 - 19 and Sat. 30.9. at 12 - 17

An exhibition set by artists Riikka Maria Partanen & Riichael Nurmiparta makes viewing art a magical experience. The works utilize optical illusions that are created with moving pictures, installations, hidden images along with UV and LED lights. The paintings change their shape and various details emerge as the light changes. The audience can participate in an art workshop that guides the use of UV paint and the basics of dark painting techniques. Workshop is open on Thu and Fri at 16-19 o’clock and Sat at 12-17. You can join the workshop anytime with no previous experience. Workshop fee is 5 €/person. Location: Tawast Shopping Center, Kauppakatu 33-35.

Late Nights Lights up! At the Craft Museum of Finland

Fri. 29.9. | at 18 - 22

The City of Light illuminates the museum. At the workshop, you can make your own lantern to light your way back home. Participation does not require any previous crafting experience. Workshop fee is 5 €. No pre-registration. The workshop is not aimed at children, as it involves handling sharp sheets of metal. You can arrive at sharp hours from 18 to 22. You may also enjoy other program at Late Nights. Location: Kauppakatu 25

Valaistunut (Enlighted) flea market for lamps

Thurs. 28.9. - Fri. 29.9. at 13 - 19 and Sat. 30.9. at 12 - 17

Bring your ceiling, wall, pocket, or any of your lamps for sale at the flea market and join in creating a light installation! We accept lamps Mon 25.9. - Wed 27.9. from 15 to 18 o’clock at Tawast shopping center. For sold products, we give you a good percentage! Please bring the light bulb for your lamp. For more information, contact: Janita Mikkola tel. +358 40 521 2920, Location: Tawast Shopping Center, Kauppakatu 33-35.

In the Spotlight - local products on shop windows

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 18 - 22

Stores at the city center have lent their shop windows to local designers, artisans and service providers. A memorable and well-lit shop window is not only commercially beneficial, but it is also a story. The windows’ theme is In the Spotlight and they are marked with a sticker. Locations: Kauppakatu 25 (Ellin kirja: Anna-Maija Huuskonen), Kauppakatu 19 (Velvet: Osuuskunta Kuje), Kauppakatu 19 (Kukkapalvelu Nooa: Kakkuhattutäti), Gummeruksenkatu 9 (Taidetarvike Flyktman:, Jari Siljamäki and Keltasirkut), Kauppakatu 16 (Isännöintitiimi: Vinkee), Kauppakatu 15 (Studio Aki Korpinen: Riiminka), Kauppakatu 12 (Aarre Store: Sini Kolari), Kauppakatu 8 (Kalakauppa Mäkinen: Eliisa Ainali) and Kauppakatu 3 (Galleria Patina: Päivi Latvala).

Valon Naulat (Nails of Light) photography exhibition

Fri. 29.9. | at 19

Announcing the winner of Valon Naulat photography contest and opening of the photo exhibition. The series of ten photographs embodies the artist's vision of light, loneliness, cultural and spiritual roots, grace, and encountering. The winner's photos will be on display at the City Church until the end of November. Location: Jyväskylä City Church, Church Park.

Lit murals from UPEA17 streetart festival

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

UPEA17 streetart festival decorates Jyväskylä with majestic wall paintings that are temporarily illuminated as part of the City of Light-event. Italian Francesco Camillo Giorgino, or Millo, painted his artwork on the wall of an apartment building (Vapaudenkatu 65). His style includes black and white, comic-like urban landscapes and funny characters. On the work of a Swiss artist Onur Dinc, the UV paint glows in the dark looking beautifully different from daytime. Onur's style is a mixture of surrealism and realism. The work can be seen at Ilmarisenkatu 7-9. The city also gets some Finnish streetart by artist Rauha Mäkilä. His designwork has been made with the help of local kids. Mäkilä's work will be at Vapaudenkatu 28 and will be part of Finland's 100th anniversary. Paint for the piece is donated by Tikkurila.

Concrete atmosphere

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

AP Järvinen, a concrete artist and a fire capturer from Laukaa, has made tens of concrete lanterns, which will be seen at Eskilstuna’s plaza. A fire will burn inside the lanterns to create a gorgeous play of light and shadow to the area. Location: The corner of Yrjönkatu and Ilmarisenkatu.

Glowworm parade

Fri. 29.9. | at 19.15 - 19.45

The Glowworm parade by art students squirms from the Church Park, Paraatiaukio Square along the streets of Kauppakatu and Ilmarisenkatu towards Eskilstuna Square and the Valo Virtaa event by Tourujoki river. The sparkling carnival is formed by the students of architecture, visual arts, music, literary- and theatrical art at Jyväskylä Civic College along with their families. The parade can be followed along the route.

Valo Virtaa event

Fri. 29.9. | at 20 - 21

The traditional event organized between the bridges of Kinakuja and Nahkuri by Tourujoki river offers fun and memorable experiences for the whole family. During the event hundreds of light art pieces float from the upriver towards the Jyväsjärvi lake. The program consists of different light installations, soundscapes and dance performances from Taito Keski-Suomi ry, Taitokeskus Jyväskylä, crafting school of Jyväskylä and various collaborators. Organizers: Taito Keski-Suomi ry, the students of Taitokeskus Jyväskylä and KSL study center, the pupils of Jyväskylän käsityö- ja muotoilukoulu, Jyväskylän Tanssiopisto and representatives from various fields of art, like the dance artist Helena Ratinen.

Kotikolojen Valot (Lights of the Home Nests) environmental artworks

Thurs. 28.9. - Sun. 30.9. (around the clock)

Environmental artworks placed at Tourujoki Valley can be found between the bridges of Kinakuja and Nahkuri and at Tourujoki Park. Come and see the many forms of flying squirrels, birds and other species in the Lights of their Home Nests. Organizers: Taito Keski-Suomi ry, the students of Taitokeskus Jyväskylä and KSL study center, the pupils of Jyväskylän käsityö- ja muotoilukoulu and representatives from various fields of art.

The European Researchers´ Night

Fri. 29.9. | at 10 - 23

The University of Jyväskylä 's Researchers' Night event comes again! One of the year’s biggest science events' program is for all ages curious in science. During the event, you get to try virtual reality games, explore the University's Brain Research Laboratory or hear the latest news about the conquest of space. Check out the program at Location: University of Jyväskylä campuses.

Jyväskylä Sinfonia: Chaplin: City Lights

Fri. 29.9 | at 19 - 20.30

The series popular film concerts by Jyväskylä Sinfonia continues with the masterpiece of Charlie Chaplin: City Lights. The film is shown on a large screen accompanied with live orchestral music. The music is the original composing of Chaplin himself. The orchestra is led by conductor Kimmo Tullila. Along with Chaplin, the romantic comedy is starred by Virginia Cherrill, Harry Myers and Allan Garcia. Location: Jyväskylä Pavilion. Tickets: 26/24/12 € from the ticket office of Jyväskylä City Theater, Lippupiste (, Prisma Seppälä and R-kioskis.

Ikaros lightshow

Fri. 29.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 19 - 23

The enchanting Belenos Group of Arts arrives in the City of Light bringing moving light art among the audience. Ikaros charms viewers of all ages. Performances done amongst the audience stop the viewer for a moment, offering them a capturing experience with beautiful shapes of light and skillful manipulation of various equipment. The group appears along the event venues at Tourujoki river, Ylistönsilta bridge and Church Park.

Loisto Glow Disco

Sat. 30.9. | at 12 - 15

Kids take over the legendary Tanssisali Lutakko dancefloor and enjoy the dancing, music and lights. Hiphop group Toistuvat Yllätykset makes sure that everyone is having fun. Come learn breakdancing and join the gig where kids get to be part of the show. Also at the disco is UV painting and light toys on sale. Open café. Event is made together with Valon kaupunki and Lasten Lysti. Tickets: 5€ from the entrance, cash only. Location: Tanssisali Lutakko, Lutakonaukio 3. Facebook:

Tourujoen Yö event

Sat. 30.9. | at 17 - 22

Tourujoen Yö offers various performances of music and dance, along with many workshops, displays for different hobbies and other experiences of art. Come try activities like canoeing, RC racing, improv theatre and many more. Performances can be found outside of Matara building and the new Tuorujoki Park. The bazaar area is full of delicious snacks and many interesting things to shop for. The competition for the best lit bazaar stand, a lantern installation by the Scouts of Finnish Lakeland and a light installation by Jouluvalo Oy all make the area an enchanting experience. Tourujoen yö is an alcohol free culture event, organized by civic activity center Matara and its operators together with the City of Light. Find out more: Location: Matara, Matarankatu 6.

Bensa loppu (Out of Gas) light installation

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

An installation the artists call as PRÄX art, features Santa Claus and a Volvo 740 covered with LED lights, dragged by a reindeer coated with copper lights. Implementation and design by the light artists of Suomen Jouluvalo Oy. Jari Antila, Kaapo Manninen, Tomi Poikola and Timo Sallinen. Location: Matara, Matarankatu 6.


Kekri of Kangas

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9.

The event is held at 16-21 and the light installations are on at 20-24. The Kekri celebration of Kangas is an autumn feast about light, art, culture, design, tastes and working together. The event venue is focused on Piipputori area at Kangas, where you can find dancing, children's theater and demonstrations. Free parking around the gateway building of Kangas (Kympinkatu 3). Kekri of Kangas program and contact information:

Light installations by Luova campus of Kangas

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

Light installations by the artisan students of Luova campus are on display along the path from Ailakinkatu to Piipputori of Kangas area.

Tuukka Toijanniemi and artist group PK5

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

A Video/Light/Sound artwork, where the fictional PK5 KANKAAN TAIKA begins at Piipputori. Paper machine PK4, also known as "Kankaan Anna" (Anna of Kangas) spun its last paper rolls in 2010 and was sold far away to China. At Kangas, Piipputori area PK5 "Kankaan Taika" (Magic of Kangas) is brought to life through video, light and sound. The work combines drawn light, video and soundscapes.

Tuomas Hallivuo: Mennyt ja tuleva (The past and the future)

Thurs. 28.9. - Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

The temporary work "Mennyt ja tuleva" by Tuomas Hallivuo, released in 2016, is on display at the Kangas area. The work can be found on the gate between Porttirakennus (Gate Building) and Minimani market. The artist will be there to tell about his work on Thurs. 28.9. at 17-18 o'clock. The piece is carried out together with the photography students of education consortium.

Kuuseen kurkottaja (The One Reaching for the Spruice) by Tommi Toija

Fri. 29.9. at 21 - 24 and Sat. 30.9. at 20 - 24

Kuuseen kurottaja by Tommi Toija is a permanent light installation released on Fri 29.9 at 21 o'clock with an opening party. The work will be located behind As. Oy Jyväskylä's residential building Albertinpiha. The boy that climbed high up a pole, now looks to the future of Kangas area and acts as a landmark. Made together with the Foundation for Environmental Art.


Open doors at Kotiseutu Museum

Sat. 30.9. | at 16 - 22

Kotiseutu Museum at Korpilahti opens its doors to visitors of all ages. On display are pictures of various coat of arms that have effected Korpilahti area throughout the 100 years of Finland. Kotiseutukivi monument is also temporarily illuminated. Free entry. Location: Korpilahti kotiseutumuseo, Martinpolku 8.

Activity Center’s Day of Light

Sat. 30.9. | at 17 - 20

Korpilahti Activity Center’s Valopannu café is open. In addition to coffee and delicious buns, you get to decorate a unique lantern and add your own thoughts on a UV lighted aphorism tree outside. The installation is created together with Cultural guides, called “Kulttuuriluotsi”s. Location: Korpilahti Activity Center, Ahotie 1.

Light night at the Old Mill

Sat. 30.9. | at 17 - 22

Explore the Old Mill’s buildings and area freely. A small environmental lighting is created in the area. The program consists of sausage roasting on open fire and a café buffet. Organized by Vanhan Korpilahden kotiseutuyhdistys ry. Location: Vanha Mylly (Old Mill), Jussinpolku 4.

Käsityksiä lumpeista (Notions on water lilies)

Sat. 30.9. | at 20

Jussi and Simo Heikkilä's illuminated work at Korpilahti by Korpioja. The mixed media work will be unveiled on Sat. at 20 and is on display until 22nd of October. Made in co-operation with Korpilahden Yrittäjät Ry.

Korpilahti Theatre in new light

Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 24

With the City of Light event, you get to view the Korpilahti Theater in a brand-new light. Every half hour it’s time to find a place in the stands, before the spotlight hits the stage. Open café and free entry. Location: Kirkkolahdentie 2.

Restaurant-Café Satamakapteeni

Sat. 30.9. | at 20 - 23

The light filled day at Korpilahti ends at Restaurant-Café Satamakapteeni. Live music performed by Elias Kahila band. Free entry. Location: Satamakapteeni, Korpilahdentie.

Translation by Essi Alila

We reserve the right to make changes to the program.


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