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Ylistön silta iltavalaistuksessa, heijastuu järveen.

In 2018, the event included over 60 temporary light installations and ancillary events. Light installations were undertaken by 12 foreign artists from five different countries in addition to domestic artists. In addition, around 50 operators and nearly 600 people participated in the planning and the execution of ancillary events. 

The event included some distinguished installations, like BIBI's mighty Red Elephant on the Compass Square and the Secret Garden in the Church Park, built by seven artists.  

The event gathered a staggering 109,000 visitors over the three evenings. The public transport in the Jyväskylä region offered 36,000 free trips on the event nights. 

A visitor survey was conducted by the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (c.300 responders) that answered amongst other things the following claim: “It is important that my everyday environment is beautifully lit during the dark hours”. 

The answers were divided as follows: 

Totally agree and agree 92.2%, Disagree 2.3%, Can't say 5.5%. 

Check out the event content through the following video: 

Valon kaupunki 2018 -tapahtuma, Nexus -valoteos