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valoporo, varjotaideteos ja paperitehtaan julkisivu samassa kollasissa

The City of Light mobile app is now available! You can find it in the Play Store by its name “Valon kaupunki”. The app introduces the selected permanent lighting destinations as well as the Joy of Light -installations that will be up during Christmas time. The app has been developed as a part of the City of Jyväskylä’s digital experiment project.

This year’s cancellation of the extremely popular City of light –event was an exception in the long tradition. Despite the cancellation, The City of Light -team together with their partners want to organize light-themed installations that will bring joy to all those who move around the city during the dark hours. You can tour the installations safely in your own pace. May your winter be full of joy and light!

The Joy of Light -destinations 

Church Park's Winter Wonderland

Church Park’s Winter Wonderland was executed for the first time last year, and it received much praise. This year, the gigantic reindeer will arrive again together with their sleigh and other familiar light objects. This year’s novelty is the four meters high LED fountain. Take your cellphone with you, and download the Valon kaupunki -application: with it, you can find a virtual snowman from the park. The new Christmas star that won the public voting last year will be switched on for the first time 28th of November and will bring forth a Christmassy feeling to the pedestrian zone.

Ylistö Bridge

Flowers of Life –light art collective will carry out the “Atom” light installation, that will be suspended on the Ylistö bridge. The light installation is compatible with the dynamic lighting programmed on the bridge. The installation is provided by the City of Jyväskylä, together with the University of Jyväskylä. You can marvel at the stunning light installation from 26th of November to 2nd of December, from 4 p.m to midnight.

Kangas: Paper mill's windows

Juhana Moisander's temporary light installation “Strike II” can be seen on the facade of the old paper factory in the Kangas district. Strike II is a positional artwork that reminds of the factory building’s history. Human figures from the factory’s past can be seen in the three adjacent windows - the human figures look at the dwellers of this day from their windows and seek contact with them with their gestures. This light installation is provided by Kankaan Palvelu Oy together with Kiinteistö Oy Jyväskylän Kankaan VPT. The installation can be seen from 26th of November to 10th of January, from 4 p.m to midnight. 

Taulumäki Church

An experimental and eventful test lighting of the 90-year-old Taulumäki Church facade. The aim is to light the Church in an interesting way and at the same time try-out the new lighting technique and new lighting possibilities. The Taulumäki church will be illuminated once twilight sets in after 4 p.m, from November 24–29.


“Model of an Imaginary Structure” light installation by artist Jaakko Niemelä delights at the Paviljonki square. The light installation combines light, shadow and movement beautifully and casts a large living shadow to the Pavillion wall. The installation is provided by the City of Jyväskylä together with Jyväskylän Messut Oy. The ligth installation will be exhibited from 26th of November to 10th of December, from 4 p.m to midnight. 

Matkakeskus (Travel Centre)

Artist Iikka Hackman’s and photographic artist Niina Vehmas’s collaborated work Nytkumuuri2020 mural found within the Travel Centre will be temporarily illuminated. The Mosaic-like painting has been created in parts during 2020 and it forms a diary about the past year. The creators have involved the city residents in the making of the artwork in many ways. The artwork and its lighting are provided by the City of Jyväskylä, in collaboration with Trevian Suomi Kiinteistöt and Eskaro Oy. The temporary lighting will be exhibited  from 23rd of November to 6th of December, during the opening hours of the Travel Centre.

Kauppakeskus Forum (Shopping Centre Forum)

Forum’s light-themed Forum <3 Valo ensemble (November 23–28.) holds various interesting attractions, like Lumen Est Omen photographic exhibition, Lamp fleamarket and lighting exhibition, as well as the magnificently colourful Kosmos Ball lighting art installation and Labyrinth of Love installation by Riikka Partanen. The Joy of Light can be seen in various forms in Forum.

Bringing the “Joy of Light” to housing units!  

City of Light  together with the Culture and inclusion services have organized performance art outside of seven different housing units while considering the prevailing pandemic situation so that the residents can safely enjoy art.


Further information

Service manager Kari Ström
Tel. 050 60943, kari.strom[at]

City of Light Coordinator Jani Ruotsalainen
Tel. 0400 642 364, jani.ruotsalainen[at]