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Ylistön silta iltavalaistuksessa, heijastuu järveen.

In 2016, the event programme included more than 40 temporary light installations and light-themed ancillary events that provided lessons and experiences about light.  
From the network of the event, around 45 operators and approximately 500 people participated in the planning and the execution of the ancillary events. In total, more than 7,000 hours were spent on light-themed projects. 
The event gathered around  75,000 visitors during the three nights and the public transport of the Jyväskylä region offered free rides to 29,000 visitors. 

The church park marveled at Amanda Parer’s (Tasmania) giant bunnies that had travelled for the first time to Europe from the metropolises of the world. 

This event was made possible by the financial support of 21 operators. 

Iso valaistu pupu Kirkkopuistossa 2016.
City of Light event in Church Park 2016. Photographer Jiri Halttunen.