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Aqua Olimpia -valoteos Valon kaupunki -tapahtumassa 2019

In 2019, the City of Light event was held for the 14th time. The event had much to see and experience for the whole family, as the programme included 87 temporary light installations or ancillary events. At the same time, the event once again reached a new visitor record.Throughout three evenings, more than 130,000 visitors explored what the event had to offer. The public transport in the Jyväskylä region provided free rides in the event nights — over 40,0000 trips were recorded. 

The light installations were carried out by little over 60 actors and artists, ten of whom came from abroad. One of the most prominent works was Amanda Parer's MAN, which rose spectacularly to Lutakko Square. In the Church Park, visitors were enchanted by the Flowers of Life art collective’s Enchanted Park ensemble that stunned the viewers with its colourful and glorious UV works. 

Check out the brilliant program through the accompanying event video: 

MAN-veistos Lutakossa pimeällä, edessä muutama ihminen