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värikkäitä neonlankoja pingotettu kaupunkimaisemaan vaakatasossa. Image Touho Häkkinen

The City of Jyväskylä accepts only electronic bills.

Before filing the bill, please make sure that the name of the subscriber, as well as the name of the unit receiving the bill are mentioned in the invoice.

In order for the bill to go through, all information below must be included in the bill, otherwise it will bounce back.


  • Your account IBAN number
  • BIC / SWIFT –bank code
  • Name of the bank
  • Address of the bank
  • Name of the city where bank is
  • State / Country, where the bank is

Your information:

  • Your name, your address, city, country
  • invoice number
  • due date 


ID code for VAT: FI01746664

Information for bill:

City of Jyvaskyla
Urban Planning and City Infrastructure
City Planning
Name of the Subscriber (for example Mr Jani Ruotsalainen)
Hannikaisenkatu 17
40101 Jyvaskyla

Electronic billing EDI number: 003701746664800
Operator: CGI
Operator number: 003703575029