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WinterLight-tapahtuman banneri, vasemmalla sininen kristallimainen valoveistos, jonka vierellä seisoo mies. Image Elisa Hillgen

WinterLight was held in Jyväskylä on 18.2.-5.3.2023 for the first time. The event attracted around 15 000 visitors in just over two weeks! The new kind of indoor light art event was organised in cooperation between the City of Light and Jyväskylän Paviljonki fair center, and was sponsored by Keskimaa. The event featured a wide variety of international and domestic light art and light-themed experiences.

Theme days
Arrival and reduced price for the bus ticket


Ihmishahmo roikkuvien valoketjujen keskellä. Image Sean Pollock

Squidsoup (GB) - Submergence 
Submergence is an immersive sea of light where thousands of light points create a sense of movement in the physical realm. The installation consists of a 12-minute loop, in which the movement of sound and light creates different atmospheric spaces. The movement transforms and accelerates, escalating at the end. Dive into the dynamic spectrum of waves! 



tunnelin katto ja seinät koostuvat peileistä, jotka heijastavat erivärisiä valoja loputtomasti toistensa pinnoilta. Image Leonardo Bettinelli

Circus Lumineszenz (AT) - Event horizon
Assembled from reflective surfaces, light and sound, the Event horizon deceives the senses. The walls and ceiling of the tube-like installation are lined with mirrors, which produces endless reflections in the horizon. Programmed LED lights reflect into the space in intricate patterns, rendering each passer-by’s experience unique. The sub-frequency soundscape serves to further enhance the experience.



veden äärellä yömaisemassa valtava heiluri hohtaa sinisenä. Image Ivo Schoofs

Ivo Schoofs (NL) - Large Pendulum Wave
A huge pendulum sculpture displays the poetry of mathematical laws and the beauty of physics. 15 pendulums of different sizes hang from the structure of the artwork, moving at different speeds powered by gravity. Following the laws of physics and mathematics, the pendulums dance in waves and drift into chaos. Light and music are synchronised with the precisely calculated movement.


sinisensävyinen valoveistos, jossa kristallimaista valoa, oikealla seisoo ihminen. Image Théoriz

Théoriz (FR) - Crystallized 
This steel sculpture combines sound and holographic imagery. The work is inspired by a metallic element, bismuth, which takes unusual shapes and colours when crystallised. Light, following the laws of physics, transforms the appearance of the work from atom to liquid to crystal, and is reflected onto surrounding surfaces in ever-changing shadow patterns.


huoneen korkuinen robottiosista valmistettu härveli heijastaa varjoja kattoon ja seinille. Image RaumZeitPiraten

RaumZeitPiraten (DE) - Drafts for Zero Gravity 
Drafts for Zero Gravity is a series of site-specific light installations, a collection of strange objects combining light and sound. The eccentrically moving gadgets are constructed using laboratory equipment, optical and acoustic sensors, lasers, mirrors, and motors, among other things. The multimedia installation explores the poetic potential of science and seeks new ways of perceiving the world.



huoneen ylänurkan edessä naruilla kulkeva pyramidimallinen objekti leijumassa. Image Alessandro Lupi

Alessandro Lupi (IT) - Dialogue 
Dialogue studies the thematic of connections and perspectives. The artwork consists of tetrahedrons – a type of pyramidal quadrangles. The form is simple but mathematically complex. The tetrahedrons are connected by cords, which are moved around the space by pulleys and winches. As they move, the tetrahedra change shape, and the installation takes on new dimensions depending on your point of view.


värikäs maalaus heijastettu seinälle. Image Fényszóró visual

Fényszóró visual (HU) - Nucleus with Gargoyles 
The installation is projected onto every wall of the space. The artwork uses overhead projectors, pictures, and self-developed robotic devices to create different motion effects - spinning, waves and moiré patterns - in the projected image. The themes of the installation include the cellular nucleus’s ability to carry information, as well as mysterious gargoyle monsters.




uv-valossa hohtavia värikkäitä objekteja alaperspektiivistä kuvattuna. Image Flowers of Life

Flowers of Life (FI) - Waveforms
Waveforms is a full-space installation that you can immerse yourself in from many different angles. Using UV light, the recurring waveforms in the work follow the ancient pattern of the flower of life. The installation transforms the space into a play of colours and invites you to vibe with it. The installation is located in the same space with a UV-light themed restaurant.


taka-alalla kangas, jolla erikoinen valokuvio, ja johon osoittaa lasersäde. etualalla ihminen koskemassa kosketusnäyttöä. Image Niko Tiainen

Niko Tiainen (FI) - HLUK 2.0 and M_OTUS
HLUK 2.0 combines laser, video projection and generative soundscape. Each visitor can contribute to the nature of the work, as the interactive soundscape and laser beams react to the touch of fingers via a separate touch screen. The algorithm-based installation is made using generative animations and video filter layers.

M_OTUS is an interactive video projection for children, featuring a “light ball pit”. The space is transformed by the movement of visitors, and the appearance can also be changed using a touch screen. Young children can dive into the ball pit in the corner, animated by floating light projection.


seinään heijastettu nuottiviivasto, jossa säröileviä nuotteja. molempien nuottien edessä ihminen. Image Pasi Rauhala

Pasi Rauhala (FI) - Fragmented Notes
Fragmented Notes invites you to join the play of music and light. The presence of each viewer influences the look and soundscape of the work, as a stave-like pattern projected on the wall changes according to the rhythm of those moving around the installation. Come and see what kind of movement and melody your presence can create!



seinälle heijastettu suuri varjokuvio kuvitteellisesta rakenteesta. Image Juhana Konttinen

Jaakko Niemelä (FI) - Model of an Imaginary Structure
In this installation by visual artist Jaakko Niemelä, a model of an imaginary structure slowly rotates in the spotlight, reflected on the wall as a large, transforming shadow image. This hypnotic artwork was previously shown outdoors at the City of Light event in 2010.




Suomen valotaiteen seura FLASHin logo. Image Elisa Hillgen

Finnish Light Art Society FLASH – House of Light
A collection of small, thought-provoking, and fun artworks is presented by mainly female light artists from Finland. A gallery-like space, slightly separate from the route, invites you to stay and wonder at the peaceful artworks for a moment or two. Featuring: artists Saana Volanen, Emma Rönnholm, Elisa Hillgen, Anna Hyrkkänen, Mollu Heino and Emil Fihlman. Curated by Elisa Hillgen and Annukka Ketola, Best of Light Art in Finland.





littleplanet-kuva suomalaisesta maisemasta. Image Rami Saarikorpi

Rami Saarikorpi – 360-Stories 
360-Stories is an exhibition created by photographer Rami Saarikorpi, consisting of interactive 360 little planet images printed on special material. The QR codes on the works allow you to dive inside the artwork.






valoketjuja taustalla, edessä kaksi poikaa valopallot silmillä. Image Jaroslav Novak


Programme for the whole family!

SAT-SUN 25.-26.2. and 4.-5.3.
The whole family can join and have fun at the Children's UV Event on weekends at 11-15. Can you find the clues hidden in the venue with the help of UV lights, and solve an exciting puzzle? You can write your own message on the mystery wall. There will also be a juggler and UV face painting. Entrance with a normal admission ticket.




kaksi sinisessä UV-valossa hohtavaa drinkkilasia. Image Jani Salonen

End-of-week evenings for adults!

THU-SAT at 19.30-23.00
Events for adults take place from Thursday to Saturday, after the official opening hours of the exhibition. Join us on your own, with a group of friends, with colleagues or bring a date. In addition to the light art exhibition, the restaurants are open and a DJ plays music to set the mood for the evening!
NOTE! If you buy your ticket on the website, be sure to choose which day you will be attending. Tickets are also available at the venue every night.



uv-valossa hohtava fine dining -annos. Image Jani Salonen


Experience the unforgettable UV light restaurant! The Paviljonki Event Kitchen & Bar serves a relaxed bistro menu in conjunction with Flowers of Life's installation, Waveforms. In the restaurant, you can enjoy a WinterLight pastry with coffee, sit down with a glass of wine or have a three-course light-themed dinner - alone, for two or together with the whole family!

You can find the bistro menu in Finnish on the restaurant's website.



Jyväskylän Paviljonki ja messuaukio Lutakossa. Image Outi Kaakkuri


The Paviljonki fair centre in Jyväskylä's Lutakko area is easy to reach from different directions. You can easily get there by car, but it is also convenient to arrive by bus or train from the Travel Centre. Jyväskylä is at the junction of four highways, where you will find signs to Paviljonki. From Rantaväylä road (E 63), drive via Satamakatu street following the signs to Paviljonki 1.
The Paviljonki car parks are P-Paviljonki 1 (Satamakatu 3) and P-Paviljonki 2 (Uno Savolan katu 6). The parking areas are managed by Jyväs-Parkki Oy and all P-areas are subject to a fee.

All car parks have parking spaces for the disabled, which are also subject to a charge. In addition, there are a few parking spaces for the disabled by the wall of the P-Paviljonki 2 building on the Uno Savolan katu  street.
Read more about arrival and practical tips on Paviljonki’s website.

Linkki ajaa talvisella Vapaudenkadulla. Image Jiri Halttunen

NOTE! If you buy a ticket to the event, you can also buy a public transport ticket to the exhibition for a reduced price: round-trip / 1 euro.

You can buy the bus ticket after you have chosen the ticket you want on and proceeded to the payment (in the section "We recommend / Suosittelemme").

With a public transport ticket, you can travel in Jyväskylä, Laukaa and Muurame on Linkki lines 1-13 and 14-42.

Valon kaupungin, Paviljongin ja Keskimaan logot. Image Roosa-Maria Vesanen