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Värikkäinä hohtavat liljankukkateokset veden pinnalla kellumassa

Light installations on until October 2nd:

  • Ether 
  • Fusion layers 
  • Autapse 
  • Dimension X  
  • Lilies  
  • "Värin ja valon taikaa" environmental light installations by Tourujoki river
  • Tähtikallio ja Kruunumajakka light installation
  • Suvi Nurmi's lit scultures at Hotel Alba and in Säynätsalo
  • Neighborhood light murals in Pupuhuhta and Viitaniemi
  • Valossa light installation in Korpilahti


THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00
Hungarian Centrum Production and Let it Be! Art agency are inviting us to see the main sight of the City of Light 2021 event. Ether is a site-specific light installation, in which fog machines and soundscape, together with numerous robot lamps, join forces in order to create a dream-like atmosphere in the park. The artwork aims to rework the familiar park into a new, unique environment. Much like sunlight entering the church through rose windows, Ether radiates crepuscular light outwards through the church windows. Two large mirror sculptures will be erected on opposite sides of the park, where they come alive during nighttime, reflecting light beams around their surroundings. The etheric inner light radiates from within the church far out to the sky, filling us with hope during these challenging times.
Location: Church park   

Dichroic sphere 
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00
The Pedestrian street will be colored by Danish artist Jakob Kvist’s three-meter-high, ball-like Dichroic sphere. The light installation utilizes a dichroic film in order to cast a matrix of colorful shades around its surroundings. During the dark time, working as its only light source, a single light bulb casts a symmetrical range of colors around the artwork. The installation is provided by Alva.
Location: Kauppakatu, Are square

Fusion layers 
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00
The appearance of the Ylistö campus area will change during the event, as Hungarian art collective Fényszórók visual executes their art installation Fusion layers. The installation uses analogue mapping technology in order to highlight the architectural forms of the facade and set the projected figures and motifs in motion, resembling the moiré effect. Join us to wonder these enormous colorful walls! The installation is provided by the University of Jyväskylä.
Location: Ylistönrinne campus

THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00 
Media artist Niko Tiainen will be reflecting his interactive artwork Autapse onto the wall of the Agora building. Inspired by neural network synapses in brains, the installation reacts to movements of the people around it by creating diverse variations of color and shape. The installation’s algorithm can create more that a million different images. Come dive into the immersive network of light and color! The installation is provided by the University of Jyväskylä.
Location: Mattilanniemi, Alba shore 

Dimension X  
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00  
A futuristic view will emerge onto the Mattilanniemi shore, as artist Antti Kulmala brings his installation there. Dimension X plays with light, utilizing reflecting polygons and light cylinders made from steel. The igloo-esque domes of the installation reflect light all around the area in surprising ways. Could they be portals to the future? The installation is provided by the University of Jyväskylä.
Location: Mattilanniemi, Alba shore

THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00   
Hungarian art collective Koros design executes the art installation Lilies onto the Jyväsjärvi lake. Exuding joy and new life, these textile flowers float pure and white during daytime, and come alive at night glowing in different colors. The surrounding water reflects the beautiful geometry found in nature. The installation is provided by Lumme Energia Oy.
Location: Lutakko harbor

Cygnaeus light art park
Cygnaeuksenpuisto, a cozy park next to the City Library, turns into a magical oasis in the middle of the city, as various artists join there to create an interesting ensemble of light art. Additionally, during the event, the park will receive a special lighting. Come find serenity in the middle of light art! The entity is provided by Keskimaa.  

Light laundry 
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 
Swedish artist Johan Röklander will be hanging his laundry for everyone to see in the Cygnaeuksenpuisto park. Light laundry examines digitalization and lighting from the point of view of daily chores, as the clothes are woven with light carrying fiber and hung on drying rope. Is lighting as self-evident for us as the possibility to hang laundry? How deep has technology integrated into our daily lives, or even clothing?
Location: Cygnaeuksenpuisto park  

Tulilinnut (’Firebirds’)
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 
Visual artist Tiinalotta Särmölä’s environmental artwork Tulilinnut glows in UV light, consisting of seven wire sculptures: Bubo, Phoenix, Turdus, Gallinago, Larus, Accipiter and Cacatuidae. The smallest of these mystical, mythological spirit animals are blue like smoldering fire. As they grow up, they turn yellow, and the largest, almost human-sized ones are flaming in neon colors.
Location: Cygnaeuksenpuisto park

Lähde (’fountain; source’)
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 
Artist Mollu Heino uses buckets to draw from the thematic of contemporary everyday life, fountains and sources. The artwork Lähde is a playful light installation, in which buckets form glowing pillars between trees. The installation plays with the Finnish word lähde, which can both refer to a literal source of light and serve as a metaphor for fountains that we seek in life. By the way, you don’t even need to wait in line for these buckets!
Location: Cygnaeuksenpuisto park

Peilipöllö (Bubo speculus) II (’mirror owl’)
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 
An unknown species, Mirror owl, will be hooting out of tune in the Cygnaeuksenpuisto park. Built from, among others, broken museum light reflectors, a wine goblet, napkin holders, as well as Czechoslovakian cupcake molds and dessert vessels, the installation takes a stand against the approaching climate disaster and mass extinction. The sculpture is created by artist Jere Suontausta.
Location: Cygnaeuksenpuisto park

THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 
In Elisa Hillgen’s installation Mobile, different colored discs glitter and play with light, reflecting small moving light spots around them. The installation transforms in daylight, and changes according to the direction of the lights.
Location: Cygnaeuksenpuisto park 


Map and explanations

[1] Ylistönrinne campus
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00 Fusion layers (see description above)

[2] Mattilanniemi, Alba shore
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00 Autapse (see description above)

[3] Mattilanniemi, Alba shore
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00 Dimension X (see description above)

[4] Lutakko harbour
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00 Lilies (see description above)

[5] Church park 
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00 Ether (see description above)

[6] Cygnaeuksenpuisto park
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 Cygnaeus light art park (see descriptions above)

[7] Kauppakatu, Are square
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 Dichroic sphere (see description above)

[8] Kauppakatu
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 Pedestrian street turns into ”Light street”, where you can browse different stands. Find our light souvenir shop and the City of Light glass cube in the Compass square.

[9] Mäki-Matti family park, Oikokatu 7
FRI 24.9. at 19.30–21.30 UV art workshop for children

[10] VALOPOP, Kauppakatu 18
MON 20.9. – WED 22.9. at 12.00–17.00
THU 23.9. at 12.00–22.00 and FRI 24.9. – SAT 25.9. at 12.00–23.00
City of Light info desk and light souvenir shop, pop up second hand lamp shop (you can bring your old lamps here MON-WED)

[11] Jyväskylä Art Museum, Kauppakatu 23
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. klo 11.00–22.00 Free of charge
Art exhibition “Visions of Colour” – Yrjö Saarinen
Other color themed exhibitions
“Mental charge” light artwork by designer Jonas Hakaniemi
Special lighting on Local Jam in front of the museum

[12] City Church, Church park
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 19.00–24.00
SUN 26.9. – THU 30.9. at 19.00–21.00
FRI 1.10. – SAT 2.10. at 19.00–22.00
Light art and soundscape in the church

[14] Culture center Villa Rana, Seminaarinkatu 13
WED 22.9. – SAT 25.9. at different times
Dance art festival. Find more information on the website of Tanssin Aika and on their Facebook page. 

[15] Taulumäki church, Lohikoskentie 2
FRI 24.9. at 19.00–01.00 and SAT 25.9. at 18.00–24.00 
Symphony “Arktisia heijastuksia” (’arctic reflections’) by Jyväskylä Sinfonia, conductor Ruut Kiiski, together with light artist Kari Kola’s programmed light art. Concerts take place on Friday at 19 and 21, you can by tickets at During other times you can enter the church free of charge to see the light art.

[16] Veturitallit, Veturitallinkatu 6
SAT 25.9. at 12.00–13.30 and 14.00–15.30 
Light art disco for children, in collaboration with Lasten Lysti and the City of Light. Tickets 7 euros at

[17] Toivola old courtyard, Cygnaeuksenkatu 2
Special lighting and soundscape in Toivola old courtyard. Café and street food restaurant on site. During the event, there is also a special menu available, Menu Valo, which you can book by calling 044 491 0060, or on the website of Toivola old courtyard.
In the courtyard, you can also see following light art:
Hohto – Kari Alonen
Fenix – Samuli Alonen 
Kuurankukka – Kari Alonen 
Ehtymätön - Katja Rauhamäki ja Marika Vaara 
Täyttyneiden toiveiden puu – Katja Rauhamäki 
Cityhirvi – Samuli Alonen 

[18] Tourujoki valley and Tourujoki park  
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. Värin ja valon taikaa (’magic of color and light’) environmental light artworks

[19] Civic Activity Center Matara, Matarakatu 6
SAT 25.9. at 17.00–22.00 ”Mataran Markkinat” marketplace event 

[20] Finlandia Hotel Alba, Ahlmaninkatu 4
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00 Specially lit environmental artworks by artist Suvi Nurmi

[21] Promenade, Jyväsjärvi lake shore
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00 Light artwork Tähtikallio ja kruunumajakka (’starry rock and and crown lighthouse’)

[22] Kortepohja student village, Taitoniekantie 9
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 Commynity light artwork ONKO KORTEPOHJA HEREILLÄ?? (‘is Kortepohja awake?’) in collaboration with artist Anne Roininen

[23] Pykälistö, Laukaantie 30
SAT 25.9. at 20.00-24.00 Pykälistö light art gallery by artists Kari and Samuli Alonen. Guided tours during the event. Bus to Pykälistö on SAT 25.9. at 19.45, 20.45 and 21.45 (departure from Harjukatu 6), tour duration approximately 1 hour. Tickets 5 euros at, print it and bring it with you to the bus.

[24] Pupuhuhdantie 6 and Viitaniementie 16
Community light murals in the neighborhoods of Pupuhuhta and Viitaniemi

[25] Könkkölä, Vesangantie 37 
THU 23.9. at 18.00–21.00 A candlelit path in the Könkkölä farming environment, access by buses 1 and 2 to Killeri bus stop. Free of charge.

[26] Juurikantie 5
THU 23.9. – SAT 2.10. at 20.00–24.00 Specially lit environmental artwork Meriperhosen päiväkirja (‘diary of the sea butterfly’) by artist Suvi Nurmi

[27] Korpilahti harbor
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 Light artwork Valossa (’in the light’) by Tuulia Nurminen and Simo Heikkilä

[28] Korpilahti church, Kirkonmäentie 1–3
FRI 24.9. – SAT 25.9. at 18.00–22.00 Candlelit church and colorful lighting on the belfry

Kangas area

[A] Kytkinlaitos switch gear building, Kankaankatu 8
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 19.30–24.00 Immersive installation Kytkin (‘switch gear’) by Company Uusi Maailma. Appropriate for ages 12 and above. Subscriber: Kankaan Palvelu Oy.

[B] Piipputori
”Spot” light bench shelter by designer Jonas Hakaniemi. The shelter is one of the permanent lighting installations by City of Light. 

[C] Gradia Creative Campus courtyard, Kympinkatu 3B
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 Exhibition Olipa kerran (‘once upon a time’) featuring six specially lit sculptures

[D] Piippurannan Klubi clubhouse, Paperitehtaankatu 1
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 Light installation Tarinoita rannalta (’stories from the beach’) by artists Lehmusruusu & Rauhala

FRI 24.9. at 17.00–17.30 and 18.00–18.30 live music and projection art by artists Saana Luomala and Jasmin Helfestein

THU 23.9. at 17.00–19.00 art exhibition opening Satumetsän kajo (’shimmer in the fairytale forest’) by illustrator and artist Pia-Maria Pohto

THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–24.00 Light artwork Metsän väen valojuhla (’light festival for creatures of the forest’)

[E] Kankaan sauna, Kympinkatu 3
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 18.00–24.00 Light installation Heinävintin valot (‘lights of the hayloft’)
THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. at 18.00–24.00 Lantern lit sauna, 10 euros / person, ages 18 and above, more info on

[@] Online event at  
SAT 25.9. at 18.00–18.50 candlelit yoga by Studio Laive 

Performances moving around the event area during dark hours

THU 23.9. – SAT 25.9. Valoukot
FRI 24.9. – SAT 25.9. Belenos Group of Arts
FRI 24.9. – SAT 25.9. Travelling Light by Elina Ström and Oscar Dempsey
FRI 24.9. – SAT 25.9. at 20.00–21.30 Zander the Elf and Sunshine Fairy

Green dots on the map

SAT 25.9. at 17.00–20.30 theatrical performances in local shop windows: 
17.30 Wedding Garage 
Rajakatu 28, theater: Kutsumattomat 
18.00 Miriam’s 
Asemakatu 12, theater: Naissaaren näyttämö 
18.30 Pikku Teeleidi 
Kauppakatu 19, theater: Huoneteatteri            
19.00 The White Room 
Kilpisenkatu 9, theater: Jaanan laulupaja 
19.30 Pellavia 
Kilpisenkatu 7, theater: AdAstra  
20.00 Taidetarvike Artlo 
Gummeruksenkatu 9, theater: Naissaaren näyttämö 
20.30 Jyväs-Optiikka 
Kauppakatu 5, theater: Puskakollektiivi 


Blue dots on the map

FRI 24.9. at 9.00–22.30 Researchers' Night 2021 at the University of Jyväskylä, Ylistönrinne (Survontie 9) and Agora (Mattilanniemi 2). Find out more on: