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Pregnant women go regularly to inspections by a nurse and a physician. Maternity clinics provide family support, with attention to relationships and parenting. Special emphasis is placed on the role of fathers and parental responsibility. Expectant mothers normally meet with a nurse and doctor 11-15 times during pregnancy. Women residing in Jyväskylä give birth at the Central Finland Central Hospital.

Child health clinic

The child health clinic takes care of the health of newborns and children until they go to school. Children go to regular health checks that monitor the child’s development, administer the required vaccinations, and provide guidance for taking care of the child. There is a designated public health nurse at schools. Children’s healthcare also includes free of charge dental care.

Family planning

Family planning clinics provide services related to sexual health matters. The services include contraceptive advice, pregnancy planning, infertility treatment, and abortions. The family planning clinics provide services for all Jyväskylä residents of fertility age.

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Health clinics of the City of Jyväskylä: (in Finnish)

Kela’s Social Security for the families with children

Many different laws have been passed about the Social Security for the families with children. In order to be able to receive any benefits, the family with children is required to live in Finland. At least the following benefits provided by Kela are for the children and their parents:

Maternity Grant
Maternity Allowance
Parental Allowance
Paternity Allowance
Daddy month
Benefits for adoptive parents
Child Benefit
Child care benefits
Child Maintenance Allowance
Benefits for sick children
Conscript´s Allowance

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