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Jyväskylän kaupungintalosta kuva ulkopuolelta

Jyväskylä City Hall remains a popular destination in the city. However, owing to the coronavirus epidemic, the city has been forced to cancel the popular public visits and guided tours to fend off the risk of infection. A new ten-minute video tour allows the City Hall to be virtually visited even while the epidemic persists.

The City Hall’s new English-language video tour takes the viewer through the public spaces on its various floors, going over its history, present day, renovations, conservation, and the art displayed. 
The English tour is narrated by Mark Kelly over videography and editing by Amanda Derakhshan and Janika Hanhinen, journalists with the City of Jyväskylä youth services Painovirhe website, with a script by liaison assistant Varpu Autere. 

Further information:
Varpu Autere
Liaison Assistant  
tel. 050 527 6699

Esa Linna
Communications Specialist
tel. 040 556 8726