Permanent lighting destinations

In Jyväskylä, there are already more than a hundred permanent lighting destinations designed to increase the sense of security and comfort in the city area and to provide experiences for locals and travelers alike. Permanent sites include bridges, facades, artworks, or other architecturally important locations. In addition, permanent sites can also be new experimental lighting sites, interestingly lit play equipment, or urban furniture combining art and light. 

Lighting sites are an important part of Jyväskylä's cityscape. They support earlier architectural designs and during the twilight hours, they highlight interesting details from the facades of the area. A 2009 study shows that 90% of residents support the lighting of architecture, art, bridges, trees and other individual features and that 83% feel that the substantial amount of lighting sites enhance the public image of Jyväskylä as a modern city. 

Known permanent lighting sites in Jyväskylä include Jyväsjärvi Lake Promenade, Ylistö and Kuokkala Bridges, Vesilinna Observation Tower and the lighting of the Matti Nykänen's hill. 

You can explore our permanent lighting destinations with the Light Map (will be updated soon) and in addition, you can find about 40 selected permanent lighting sites from the new mobile application. The application is available on android phones and can be found in the play store by its name “Valon kaupunki”. 

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