City of Light 2017 event

The 2017 event was built from an ensemble of over 50 temporary light installations and ancillary events. This year,  

The Church Park saw the largest collection of UV light art ever carried out in Finland, which was implemented by e.g. Annie Mitchell (USA), Kasia Malejka and Joachim Slugocki (Poland) Alexander Reichstein (Russia), as well as the Flowers of Life light art collective. 

The brilliant works once again mobilised people and more than 100,000 visitors visited the event on the course of three evenings. Public transport in the Jyväskylä region also provided 32,000 free trips during the event. 

This year's event saw the introduction of the new permanent dynamic lighting of the Ylistö Bridge, which immediately formed into a new landmark in the city. 

Check out the event via the following video: 

Valon kaupunki Jyväskylä 2017. Video: Cutline Oy