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Ylistön silta iltavalaistuksessa, heijastuu järveen. Image Touho Häkkinen

Collaboration is an important part of the City of Light project, and that's why we aim to collaborate in diverse ways with different partners. These associates include companies, municipalities, educational institutions and organizations related to urban lighting and light art.

During the events, the City of light also cooperates with several partners from cultural fields such as theater, dance and visual arts.

The City of Light business collaboration partners include 

  • Lighting designers, consultants and contractors 
  • Lighting maintenance 
  • Event sponsors and supporters 
  • Development of city center, shopping centers and B&M stores 
  • Collaboration with restaurants and cafés during events 
  • Operators in the creative field and expert services 
  • Photographers, video recording, drone photography, marketing. 

You can find our official partners in the City of Light collaboration partners. 

Educational institutes

The City of Light cooperates with the higher educational institutes of Jyväskylä in the following ways: 

  • The Researchers' Night organized by the University of Jyväskylä is held annually in cooperation with the City of Light event 
  • Students of the University of Jyväskylä and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences can write their thesis for the City of Light 
  • Students have the opportunity to do an internship at the City of Light event 
  • The students from the creative fields have executed installations for the City of Light event, for example, they have created installations to Tourujoki and Kangas region.

In case you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact the City of Light team. 

Arkkilehdet tO 26.9. Kaupunginteatterin ikkunat heräävät eloon!

If you are interested in participating in the City of Light event in September as an artist, please apply through our Open Call form at the end of January 2022.